Saturday, August 30, 2008

With Confidence Anthem (Official Music Video)

H. Fozzelberry makes his directorial debut.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MLB versus BOAT

Major League Baseball has officially heard "Topps." Click here to read what they had to say. D. Crane puts his teacher foot in his teacher mouth.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm a Donkey for Your Love-at Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY

On the East Coast tour, Creeping Weeds covered "I'm a Donkey for Your Love." This video is a super 9 piece version from Union Hall in Brooklyn.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Creeping Weeds, Dipinto Guitars, Band in Boston, Creeping Weeds GPS theft, Philly pizza with sauce on top, Animal Rescue in Honey Brook, TV Dinner sings Calvin Johnson, California Bound, Cake Shop, Stevie/Kyle/Parker put up the BOATs, Z. Duffy on lead rock and roll jumps and protagonist cape, Todd Barry/Sarah Silverman/Keanu Reeves sightings, falafel, D. Crane and the "style glasses challenge", Fenway Park, Neil Diamond on a golf cart, Neil Diamond sing along, McKenzie=Gwen Stefani, New London dinner walk out, Flatbush Avenue, Topps employees at every turn, Union Hall Skippy and Creeping Weeds versus BOAT at 2am wiffleball, Blacksburg home to the cheapest grilled cheese, Bruce "brings the cards", Stewart family hospitality, McKenzie flies out to himself, Mary Penny freestyle storytelling, Blimpie three cheese, Schuba's poster fest, Take the Panda plays TNT, Satchel as a gorgeous black cat, Creeping Justin and the robotic arm, J. Long solo trip to Wrigley, Chicago Potato Pizza, M. McKenzie tames Mario Kart, band flies home with luggage help from Frontier.

Friday, August 08, 2008


BOAT will be playing at Johnny Brenda's, in Philadelphia, on Friday.

Joining them will be tour mates.....CREEPING WEEDS. Here is a cover of I'm a Donkey for Your Love, by Creeping Weeds. BOAT is hoping to perform this song as a huge 9 piece band with Creeping Weeds, on their upcoming East Coast dates.

August 15th-Johnny Brenda's-Phila, PA
August 16th-The Crackhouse-Honey Brook, PA
August 17th-Cake Shop-NY, NY
August 18th-P.A.'s Lounge-Boston, MA
August 19th-The Oasis Pub-New London, CT
August 20th-Union Hall-Brooklyn, NY
August 21st-The Lantern-Blacksburg, VA
August 22nd-The Brillobox-Pittsburgh, PA
August 23rd-Schuba's-Chicago, IL

Sunday, August 03, 2008

WE JAM SUPER ECONO--East Coast Dates

Breaking News:
Z. Duffy is re-joining BOAT from 8/17-8/23! He will be playing bells, guitar, keyboards, shakers, and melodica. BOAT will be playing these shows as a fearsome four piece.

Thanks again to Galactic Ricky for making the trip up from Portland, paying for his own large Pho, regular Coke, and then playing/sweating his guts out.

Neumo's Setlist

March in the Streets!
Come With Me, We'll Win
Last Cans of Paint
Bee Buzz
Period, Backslash, Colon
Elephant Ears
Holding All the Globes (Boys Don't Cry)
Four Beds for BOAT
Clogged Castle
Prince of Tacoma
Lately, I've Been on My Back