Sunday, March 18, 2007

Grow a Beard For a Short While! (a short while)

Well, we are back from SXSW! Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the shows and made them so much fun. The most special thanks go to C. Kentner, M. Rothkopf, J. Fell and Z. Duffy for creating BOAT history.

We saw Daniel Johnston twice/ate macaroni and cheese balls/saw the best Tullycraft show ever/played Lil Tabasco/got free sneakers/and didn't have enough guts to order Shirley Temples from any of the bartenders we came across.

We are very excited about our 2nd LP. We will have confirmed details about a tracklisting and a release date very soon. We will also be playing some shows very soon. Check back often!

D. Crane

An Unofficial SXSW Update!

Z. Duffy here. Wanted to take a quick moment to thank BOAT for the opportunity to join them again onstage (and off) at SXSW. The time of my life was had! Indeed! Many pieces of pizza were eaten and a fair amount of mostly free beer consumed. Sharing a bed with D. Crane was just icing on the cake. Thankfully this time around I remembered that the shower curtain belongs on the inside of the tub.

To quote the movie Top Gun: BOAT, "I'll be your wing man anytime!"

Sunday, March 11, 2007

SXSW---Lee Mazzilli of Sloppy Pop

BOAT is playing two big shows at SXSW, this week! Come see some sloppy pop and drink free beer and sodas! See Z. Duffy reprise (for two nights only) his role as guitar/melodica/handclapper/keyboard/soda drinking champion.

Or come see Tullycraft's J. Fell pinch hit (play the role of Lee Mazzilli) on drums. It should be a fairly exciting ....strike that.... super exciting couple shows.

Thursday, March 15th---The Indiepop Hootenanny @ Lovejoy's @ 2pm

Friday, March 16th----The Magic Marker Records Showcase @ The Parish II @10pm

Thursday, March 01, 2007

----SXSW----BOAT to head south....

Thanks to everyone for the kind messages and rememberances of Phil. It has been much appreciated. There is a concert being planned in his name and we will have details on that very soon.

We wanted to let everyone know that we are heading south this month.

BOAT will be playing in Austin, Texas as part of the South by Southwest Music Conference. They will be playing a party (sponsored by Three Imaginary Girls and KOOP Radio) on March 15th at Lovejoy's, and the Magic Marker Showcase at the Parish on Friday March 16th.

Z. Duffy will be flying in from Chicago to rejoin the band (albeit just temporarily) on guitar/keyboards/melodica/claps/shakers. Z. Duffy will be playing in place of J. Goodman, who is unable to make the trip south. We will add details about the shows as they come.