Sunday, December 24, 2006


Here is the set from last night's show. Thanks to everyone who came out on a night so close to the holidays. The EBAY cover song bidding ended. The secret winner has chosen "Driver 8" from REM. It is a very cool song and is being worked on as we speak. Look out for 12 string guitar and maybe even some amateur lap steel. BOAT plans on announcing some 2007 shows soon, but will be focusing on the recording of LP #2. It is tentatively titled, "I Really, Really Think You Should Rethink Your Life."

As always the updates will be sporadic and not 100% accurate. But we do what we can.

LIZ'S BIRTHDAY SETLIST(all songs featured Jordan and Keenan of Patience Please)
Period, Backslash, Colon
Last Cans of Paint
Make Way For the Genius To Appear
Clogged Castle
The Ferocious Sounds of Lobsters and Snakes
I've Got Ninjas!
The Whistle Test
Elephant Ears
The Bar Is Too Low To Fail
Gold Veins
Let's Drag Our Feet!
Greasedip Hairclip
Come With Me, We'll Win
Illustrate the History
The Last Song (super sloppy Tullycraft cover featuring Jenny from Tullycraft)
Lanterns and Laughing Ladies (Year 2000 version)

H. Fozzelberry (BOAT Accounts Manager----2006 Balance $14.43)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

LIz's Birthday Party!

BOAT is playing this Saturday night at the Crocodile in order to celebrate Imaginary Liz's birthday. It should be a wonderful show. Patience Please and Shake Some Action will be playing as well. Expect some cake, a final run of hand screened Reptile Boy tee shirts, and many new songs to be presented at the show. The band even has designs to play a special cover song.

The show starts at 8pm and all door proceeds go to Treehouse For Kids. This will be one of BOAT's few winter shows.

Last but certainly not least, Three Imaginary Girls are having their annual Best of NW Music List Poll. You can vote by clicking here, up until the end of December. Here is the ballot that I, H. Fozzelberry cast.
1) David Bazan---Fewer Moving Parts
2) The Thermals--The Body, the Blood, the Machine
3) BOAT--Songs That You Might Not Like
4) Racetrack--Go Ahead and Say It
5) Patience Please--Parrallel Plots

Keep in mind that I'm not telling you who to vote for. I will, however call your attention to #3 on my personal list.

H. Fozzelberry

Sunday, December 17, 2006


It was indeed a very fun show, last night. Thanks to everyone who came and supported the Paradox. Sadly, we have sold out of the hand screened Reptile Boy shirts. Some more may or may not be made.

Also, Patience Please blew our minds. Chris is the best non beat drummer ever.

Gold Veins*
Come, With Me We'll Win
Last Cans of Paint
Elephant Ears
I've Got Ninjas!
The Whistle Test*
Clogged Castle
Make Way For the Genius To Appear
Period, Backslash, Colon*
The Bar Is Too Low To Fail
Illustrate the History (Stop and Restart/Elvis Costello version)*
Lanterns and Laughing Ladies (107.7 the End version)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Reptile Boys and Girls Unite!

It is fairly unbelievable but the Ebay auction has indeed fetched some serious money for NW Harvest. We here at HQ are so excited to soon learn what the band will be covering and how much it will be worth. Thanks so much to everyone who bid!

BOAT will be playing THIS Saturday night at the Paradox on Leary Way in Seattle. It is sadly the last show the Paradox will be having.

It will be a fine show indeed. In order to celebrate, the band has handscreened some new shirts with varying degrees of success. Pictured at the top of this post is a large/green/American Apparel/Reptile Boy tee shirt.

There will be only 7 of these shirts printed. They will be all different colors and sizes and available at the show.

Until Saturday,
H. Fozzelberry

Friday, December 08, 2006

StrangerCrombie/BOAT COVERS

BOAT has been hired to cover a song for charity. Yes, The Stranger (the only paper worth reading in Seattle) is doing their annual Strangercrombie auctions. With a starting bid of $1.99 you can bid on the right to have BOAT cover and record the song of your choice. This is indeed for real.

The information is here. All the bidding will be done through Ebay and all money will go to Northwest Harvest. To bid you should click here.

This could be interesting. Could D. Crane rap? Will the band be able to play a song with more than four chords? Will the recording include broken theremin? Will the bidding eclipse ten dollars?

H. Fozzelberry

Sunday, December 03, 2006

DECEMBER SHOWS/Patience Please plays both!

BOAT will be playing two big shows in December.

DECEMBER 16th---ALL AGES @ the Paradox w/ Speaker Speaker/Patience Please/Ghosts and Liars (ex Some By Sea)/Shorthand For Epic

DECEMBER 23rd---IMAGINARY LIZ'S BIRTHDAY BONANZA The Crocodile Cafe w/Patience Please and Shake Some Action

Both shows are with Patience Please. Have you heard Patience Please? Click on the newly understood hyperlink attached to their name. They are fairly wonderful. Their EP Parallel Plots has been in constant rotation at BOAT HQ. They have a new track up on their site that comes from an exclusive HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME compilation.

Many new BOAT songs will possibly/probably be unveiled at these shows. Here are other solid/not so solid reasons to attend these shows.

Their is a chance J. Goodman will bring his coach's whistle and solve the mystery of who is the real J. Goodman.

D. Crane is said to be making/threatening to make a "hanging rock filled soda can rattle contraption."

P. Mayben will be keeping time/shotgunning water bottles and attempting to catch Peanut M&M's.

M. McKenzie's beard is getting thick for the winter.

OK.....this may be December's only post as recording updates will become more cryptic and secretive until an album/LP/Super EP/Multi-Maxi Single is complete.

H. Fozzelberry